Ford Car Message Center | INTKEY COULD NOT PROGRAM

You may get slow start up with message displayed on the message center says “INTKEY COULD NOT PROGRAM” for few seconds.

Well, it’s as simple as the car telling you to replace the battery :)

CUCM LDAP Sync Stopped

First thing to check is the logs
Get into CLI of the callmanager (ssh) and check the files list:
file list activelog cm/trace/dirsync/log4j
then view the latest (by date) log file:
file view activelog cm/trace/dirsync/log4j/
Should the error be clear for verification and guide you in the right direction

RDP Error After Certificate Template Applied

Remote Desktop connections fails to host after configuring RemoteDesktopCertificate template in your internal CA
You’ll have an error in the event log of the target machine like this:

The TLS protocol defined fatal error code is 40. The Windows SChannel error state is 1205

Most likely this is a Windows 8, 8.1, 2012, or 2012R2

If that is the case, you’ll have to delete the certificate from the system (the one issued for RDP template) and make sure it will NOT generate new one using the same template.

Then restart the machine (or you may try to restart Remote Desktop services only) and you should be able to login again.

If you’re looking for the reason behind it, then you’ll need to read more about the SHA algorithm and the updates pushed into Windows OS in latest versions.

I’d suggest you check this blog which has a nice topic about this subject:


Dism Error 0x800f081f

Doesn’t really matter what feature you’re trying to enable, or which Windows OS you’re working on.
This error is common for those who have no Internet access, or slow connection and the offline (/source) key needed.
If you try to use the PowerShell to perform the same operation you’ll get a line in the log similar to this:
FIOReadFileIntoBuffer:(1415): The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect

If you got such a thing, then most likely you have a file corruption on the disk. So try the following steps:

  1. chkdsk /r
  2. SFC /scannow

These commands will scan the disk and the system protected files. Then run the following for Dism cleaning:

  1. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
  2. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

After that you should be able to re-run the enablefeature command again without issues.

UPDATE: you may check article as it helped in other situation




Unable to Take File Ownership

You may get into situation where you’re unable to access (or even see) the files you want to access. Although you have administrative permissions, and you can see the files from within the application Window (in my case this happened with PuTTY). When you click browse from inside the application you can actually see the files are there and there is a lock at the corner of the file icon.


When you right-click the file, select properties and go to security tab, you’ll only be able to see the ACL. But no mater what you do, you will not be able to see the owner or modify the ACL entries, although your account has been granted the full control in the ACL.


The Windows (at least version 7 I’m using) have a nice feature that causes this confusion. The original root of the issue is the UAC feature, which prevent the account from writing inside the program folder even of the user has admin level. In the above case and in order for Windows to not prevent the working process or give an error, it simply create all files in a shadow location. Something like the file pointers in Linux OS.

Browse to (%systemdrive%\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\%programfiles%\%applicationfolder%)  and you’ll find the file located there.

HTH someone

Working Hard

Just realized, I was working so hard for to make the working environment as much friendly as possible. However, I became doing the job of my team. Make things easier for them doesn’t really help anyone there, and (obviously) turned back on me with overload and lower quality outputs. Even worse, it switched my attitude to a very bad one at both home and work places.

مصر (الحلم)

رأيت فيما يرى النائم أن الجيش وضع خارطة الطريق في مصر الحبيبة

رأيت أن الخارطة تشمل انتخابات جديدة لا تسبتعد أحداً

رأيت أن أحد الفرقاء فاز بالإنتخابات كما فاز سابفاً

رأيت أن الجيش بارك اختيار الصندوق وانسحب إلى مكانه الطبيعي

رأيت أن جزءً من الشعب لم يعجبه ذلك وأعلن احتجاجه


ثم استقيظت لأرى انقلاباً عسكرياً

الله يستر

في شي غلط (بالعامية)

أنا تيست (بتشديد الياء) وصارلي يومين ما طالع بنتيجة مع إنو الموضوع عادي، زبون طالب عرض تقني مع الأسعار

خمس ساعات إمبارح واليوم ساعتين، طلعت بسطر ونص!!!! وجع!!!!!!!!!!!!!

بالعادة بطلع بملف كامل مكمل بهيك وقت. شو اللي صاير؟؟؟؟؟

معقول سفر أحمد النهائي جاي هيك في العضل؟ أو بالأصح في المخ؟

لك العمى بهالشغلة، لما كانت مرتي تسافر شهر ع سورية قبل الثورة ما كنت أتيس هيك!!! بالعكس كنت أشتغل أكتر وأسهر براحتي

طيب معقول هي؟ بحياتي ما شفت وحدة بتكشف وجهها بدون مكياج بهالبلد (غير قرايبنا طبعاً) وما بتكون بحاجة لتحط مكياج!!! ماهي ملكة جمال بس ملامحها لطيفة جداً ومريحة جداً

يمكن لأنه في موظف جديد عندو مؤهلات يستلم مكاني، فأخيراً جسمي وعقلي قرروا ياخدوا أجازة (إجبارية) خصوصاً إني ما أخدت إجازة من سمبتمبر 2009

خليني أرجع لأحمد…….. مو معقؤول يكون أحمد، أنا صحيح بحبه وسفرو راح يعمل “شرخ في نفسية الفريق” بس مش لهالدرجة ولوووووو

Server Busy Issue with MindMapper

When trying to export the mindmap to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint you may get into a situation where the system behave like it hangs.

A message says “Server Busy”, press “switch to” or “retry”, or something like that.

In other cases, the MindMapper simply hangs, and you don’t know why. If you show the desktop (force minimize all windows) then open any simple app (like Task Manager) you’ll notice a “Save As” window appears which was hidden behind other applications. The window is asking to save the template again.

There are two parts for this issue:

First, it seems the templates folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\MindMapper12\Templates) created with funny permissions and attributes.

You’ll need to set “Users” permissions to “Full Control”, and remove the “Read Only” attribute from the folder and the files in it.

Additionally, before your retry, please make sure to close all office apps (using kill process option in Task Manager) because the moment you got the above annoying message you already stuck with hang processes of Office apps.

And finally, uncheck the option to open the office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) in the export window to avoid running the app before the exporting is completed.

HTH someone.

TMG Inter-Array Error

While trying to configure the inter-array IP on the server object under “System” in ForeFront TMG management console, you may get an error message says:

“The IP Address specified for intra-array communication is not a valid intra-array IP address.The IP address used for intra-array communication must belong to a defined network object”

Well, you need to create a new Network “object” under “Networking” for the intra-arrray selected NIC’s then configure.