The Folder is Full Error Message in Outlook

I got the error message says “The Folder is Full” while trying to move, delete, or even save a draft.

Out of the sudden I cannot do any actions on any object inside Outlook. Initially, I thought it’s related to the Outlook itself and start to look here and there, google it, but all resolutions suggested were useless. The size of the PST file itself wasn’t an issue, it was less than 800MB, so the message must have another meaning (or at least that what I thought).

Later as a test, I created additional PST file and start an export process to the new one, noticing the process was doing fine, I stopped the exporting and get back to the file trying to do any action, again nothing.

Even worse, the Outlook shows it’s downloading messages but nothing appears in the inbox!! Okay, now this is really annoying, but at least I know it’s a PST issue.

Got a command line prompt (CMD) and go to C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12 and run the scanpst.exe file, select the file I’m using and after the scanning is finished, I asked it to keep a backup copy and repair the original file.

Yep, now I’m working happily again :)