XG Virtual Firewall on KVM and Openstack ERROR firstboot failed

Yep, no much result on the web about this subject.

I don’t know what the cause, nor why Sophos didn’t take it seriously.

Anyway, if you’ve downloaded version 16 of Sophos XG virtual appliance for KVM and you got the nice error message of

firstboot failed: swapon /dev/swap

But, if you know and sure you’ve done everything right and as per Sophos documents, then most likely you have the same issue we run through.

For some unclear reason we were able to solve this by having the Hyper-V version of the same appliance and run it on KVM platform :)

Our team members are testing it now on OpenStack with our service provider to make sure of the compliance.


HAproxy Errors and No Logging

Basically, you’re running HAproxy 1.7.x on Debian/Ubuntu and have no logging under /var/log or you’re getting log files full of errors like:

haproxy-systemd-wrapper [26417] sendmsg logger #2 failed: Connection refused

There are many reasons for this problem, but most of the solutions are related to standard setups, which means if you have version 1.7 by the time this post is published, you’re not getting the binaries through standard apt-get libraries. Thus, you don’t have standard setup ;)

Anyway, if you’ve installed version 1.7 directly, then simply remove it, and remove pointers in apt-get libraries to its source.

Install version 1.6 from the standard libraries, and test the functionality of HAproxy, then test the functionality of the logging.

Finally, you can upgrade to version 1.7 and logs will keep working for you.

Don’t ask me why, I don’t have time to find the root cause :)