Cyberoam VLANs and Cisco Catalyst 500 Express

I can understand Cisco have a problem with Microsoft, but I don’t understand they have a problem with people.

The express switch is not express at all. The interface is extremely limited and annoying with the stupid restrictions they put on it.

I have no idea what happened, but the following scenario was working just fine for couple of weeks, then suddenly decided not to work anymore!!!!

Cyberoam firewall (FW) connected to the switch on trunk interface G1 defined as router type connection

FW is configured with subinterface for voice VLAN

FW running DHCP service for both default and voice VLANs to allow clients connects over VPN to our main office

Now, and for no obvious reason, the switch decided to not allow anyone on VLAN 2 (the voice VLAN) to communicate with IP Phones. Even when I’m configuring the port as “Server” role and set it on VLAN 2

Working Hard

Just realized, I was working so hard for to make the working environment as much friendly as possible. However, I became doing the job of my team. Make things easier for them doesn’t really help anyone there, and (obviously) turned back on me with overload and lower quality outputs. Even worse, it switched my attitude to a very bad one at both home and work places.

مصر (الحلم)

رأيت فيما يرى النائم أن الجيش وضع خارطة الطريق في مصر الحبيبة

رأيت أن الخارطة تشمل انتخابات جديدة لا تسبتعد أحداً

رأيت أن أحد الفرقاء فاز بالإنتخابات كما فاز سابفاً

رأيت أن الجيش بارك اختيار الصندوق وانسحب إلى مكانه الطبيعي

رأيت أن جزءً من الشعب لم يعجبه ذلك وأعلن احتجاجه


ثم استقيظت لأرى انقلاباً عسكرياً

الله يستر