Error: nmap unable to open ethX

It’s pretty much straightforward, this error is less showing on Linux as they don’t have much problems with multiple packages as Windows do. Additionally, it’s much simpler to troubleshoot on Linux as the interfaces actually named that way.

On the other hand, when you get this on Windows OS it doesn’t make sense because the naming is completely different.
However, in most cases I got this error it was basically a corrupted npcap package, or a difference version installed with one software (many software use npacp) and causes one or more files corruption / damage.

So, simply remove and re-install the latest npcap on the system and it should solve the issue.
I just recalled this as I was reading the happy announcement of Nmap release (7.90) along with Npcap (1.00).
Yep yep, horray….:) Finally the Npcap has been released an no longer a beta version.

Forcepoint VPN Connection Fails When Hyper-V is Installed

Yep, as the title says.
Your Forcepoint VPN client won’t be able to connect at all. Which is normal as it’s trying to manipulate the physical adapter, while it should only change settings of vSwitch assigned to external communications.
So? On the properties page of the physical adapter, uncheck the box for “Stonesoft VPN Client Driver” and then restart the Forcepoint client.

Sophos XG Site-to-Site VPN with Other FW Failed

Seems the method of using certificate-based connection won’t work with non-Sophos firewall.
I had to switch to shared-phrase in order to make it work.
Not sure if that problem is due to old firmware/device on the other side or is it compliance issue.

However, I had to go on the VPN settings on both firewalls and make sure all settings at both sides are exactly the same.
Finally, I decided to switch back to pre-shared key instead of the certificate-based authentication between the two appliances.
The moment I set the key on the initiator, the tunle immediatly came up.

HTH some1,,,