Tips for Me on Cisco Voice IOS


I wrote this basically for my own remembering:

1. show call leg active / sh call leg act sum

Helps find active calls running on the voice gateway live.

2. sh call leg act | in Port

Helps filter which ports are being used in case I need to follow it with “shut/no shut” to reset hang ports.

3. csim start <number_to_dial>

Initiate a call from the voice gateway to the number.
Very helpful in troubleshooting voice routes.

4. debug voice ccapi inout / debug cch323 all / debug ip tcp transaction

Along with “csim” and “terminal monitor” it can provide great tool.

5. Check TCP ports on CUCM

As simple as “telnet <ip_address> 1720 / 1719 / 2000 / 2001” can help pointing a communications issue.


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