Server Busy Issue with MindMapper

When trying to export the mindmap to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint you may get into a situation where the system behave like it hangs.

A message says “Server Busy”, press “switch to” or “retry”, or something like that.

In other cases, the MindMapper simply hangs, and you don’t know why. If you show the desktop (force minimize all windows) then open any simple app (like Task Manager) you’ll notice a “Save As” window appears which was hidden behind other applications. The window is asking to save the template again.

There are two parts for this issue:

First, it seems the templates folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\MindMapper12\Templates) created with funny permissions and attributes.

You’ll need to set “Users” permissions to “Full Control”, and remove the “Read Only” attribute from the folder and the files in it.

Additionally, before your retry, please make sure to close all office apps (using kill process option in Task Manager) because the moment you got the above annoying message you already stuck with hang processes of Office apps.

And finally, uncheck the option to open the office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) in the export window to avoid running the app before the exporting is completed.

HTH someone.